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Spanish joke (not suitable for vegans)

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Post Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:45 pm
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A gourmet was visiting a Spanish town famed for its bullfights.
Not interested in the controversial cruel spectacle, but had heard of a restaurant serving a delicacy on the nights of the corrida, that had to be ordered in advance.
He booked, and turned up for his meal and the dish was spectacular - Cajones de Toro - like two huge meatballs in gravy.
He was so impressed that he managed to book again for his final day in the town.
Quite excited at this last supper, he saw the waiter approaching with the platter, looking a bit glum.
There presented to him, it was nothing like the previous time, instead, two insipid grape sized items lost on the large plate.
What is this he exclaimed, justifiably disappointed.
The waiter shrugged and mumbled "a veces el toro gana".
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