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The good old days of driving in the 1980s

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Post Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:35 am
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I'm reminiscing on the days before speed cameras and obsessive cop cars...............

I rarely drive on motorways these days. It is because I have a mere 40 mile return trip to work. I leave home at 06:55 and leave work at 20:00. I drive almost entirely on the A68.

Back in 1986 I used to drive 220 miles to work, Warrington to Edinburgh. I left home very early on a Monday morning, at about 03:00.

I used to leave Edinburgh at about 16:00 on a Friday. I must have averaged about 65 mph on the return trip and about 80+ mph on the way up there. I was so often ahead of schedule in the morning that I used to stop for a nap at Beattock summit. It was more or less guaranteed that it was raining and foggy at Beattock. Sometimes I used to go via Hawick (pronounced "Hoik") because the roads were just wonderful. I'm drooling just remembering how wonderful it was.

Traffic was so very very light that early in the mornings that doing 110mph was achievable mostly in the inside lane. I loved driving through Cumbria on the M6, flat out. I have no recollection that filling up the car was expensive, I was quite well paid but I think fuel taxes must have been a lot less than now.

I think those were the Halcyon days of driving for me. Halcyon = "Calm", "Peaceful".

This all really summarises why I bought my RCZ. It could be the last days of being able to drive a beautiful and fast car, fast. Being 56 years old is a very significant factor too!

I pity the Millennials of today. They will never have the full joy of motoring in their lives.

However!!!! Before I make such a stupid statement, at least Millennials have smart phones that we old gits didn't have. Imagine being able to play Angry Birds and Candy Crush on the way to work on the bus and train!! Things are really much much better now :dance:

Ian :police:
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Pah! You youngsters. :roll:
Now, if you could join me in reminiscing about the 60's that would be another matter.
I have some more WAFFLES of that era if you or anyone can persuade me to drop them (not all at once) on the forum, I'll do so!
BUT the sixties were a dream time for motoring enthusiasts and I don't just mean us sporty types.
Going on hols in the car, touring and stopping at B&Bs, was doable and enjoyable.
Going to a race meeting at Silverstone for example, was doable and enjoyable.
The traffic volumes did change through the sixties I will admit.
I lived in a flat on the main A12 out of London and over the road was some waste ground where bonfire night, a huge pile was lit; so much so that by mid evening those enjoying it just stepped back into the dual carriageway to reduce the cooking effect.
If a car came along he slowed and you let him through.
By the end of the sixties the traffic flow was near enough twenty four hours.
But even at the end of the sixties the roads became quiet late evening.
My clubman's Formula car was, by a quirk of fate, registered, taxed and insured for road use,
so after an engine rebuild or even minor maint, I took it for a blast up the A11 in the early hours before tightening everything down with the appropriate socket spanners on board, I wound it up to about a hundred and thirty through Epping Forest, stopped in a lay-by, tightened the head down and tootled beck; hardly saw a soul and inconvenienced nobody. [oops 70 limit came in in mid sixties :oops: ].
My first Lotus Seven only had a cooking lump but could corner like on rails.
On night shift, I would take the car in to the City (Moorgate) and come home as the bakers' ovens were opening (mmmmm gorgeous smells) and some mornings there were a bored couple of cops in a Daimler SP250 (Dart) loitering near Hackney.
They would pop out and pass me then beckon to follow, as they soon new where I was headed.
Roads were empty.
Their task was to try and leave me behind with their superior bhp, but then I was up their chuff at the next corner nibbling at their exhaust.
This happened several times, and word got about back at their base because more than one crew enjoyed our early morning cat-an-mouse games.
I think also the IAM badge gave me a little credit.
Ask for more WAFFLES and you shall receive. :beer:
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I was born in 1980, so feel old enough. In fact my back and shoulder make me feel 57 let a lone 37 most days.
I'm just glad my RCZ is as comfy as it is, otherwise I'd not look forward to driving her as much as I do!

I do seem to have (apparently) already turned in to an old curmudgeon. If it's not real ale, Iron Maiden or something I can tinker with in my shed then chances are it's not of interest.

Oh you can maybe add Grimsby Town to that list too, unless I've fallen out with them after a particularly poor result.
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[Les Dawson mode]
When you get into your seventies and most bits seem to protest at being provoked, you'll look back and, er, can't remember what you were, er, what was I saying ..
My present Victor Meldrew grumpiness is that the sporty motor I had built for me in 2010, is useful as a bookend because the bits that folded up enough in 2010 to attempt to relive my yoof, don't fold like that any more!
Sad that the memories of decades ago come flooding back vividly, but, much to the annoyance of my cook (DARFC!) I cannot without some hints and stained shirt fronts, remember what I had for recent meals.
But there are some surprising moments, like today our local Lidl forced (yea, right!) me to try their new hook up with a Speyside distillery and purchase and subsequently (reluctantly for research purposes) evaluate some malts.
With booze tax ridiculously lower than the UK, the trolley groaned to the car park, but not a whimper from the plastic card my bank provides.
Bottoms up! :beer: [why does this smiley only show beer glasses?]
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This is really aimed at ianGT156 who started this post ....

I'm only a wee lad to you Ian being born in 65 and yes I mean 1965 !! before you lot start :dance:

Anyway, Ive said this bit before about the meeting in Holland and you're never to old until you ARE,
no disrespect look at Stewart he's firing on all cylinders and yearning for a RCZ in his youthful 70's !!

As for last driving pleasures..... Myself along with 11 other lucky RCZ owners have just come back from an epic driving adventure in Austria, where the roads and scenery are not to be rivaled anywhere.
Not much traffic either and driving across Germany there and back saw the tachometer hit 152mph and drivers being more savvy with their manners than in the UK, ie. when in the fast lane cars doing "only 100mph ish" will move over into the slower lane to allow you to pass unhindered at the first sight of you in the mirrors.
For those of you who are going tut tut at this point, let me just add that the roads where these speeds were attained were three lanes which seem to go for 10 - 30 miles in almost a straight line before a hint of a bend with 100% visibility.

Driving was a pleasure on this trip and before it's too late I suggest anyone interested should give the Euro meet a try, you never know you might enjoy it!!

Enjoy your malts Stewart, maybe that's your secret !!
:lol: Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.... or is that at you? :eusa-think:

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