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How to treat your RCZ when it's hot outside

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Hi RCZ fellows!

As we all go through another scorching hot summer (I see almost daily 38-40°C over here in ze Germany) I want to take this opportunity to list few important things which might help your beloved RCZs.

1. When hot, try to keep the fuel level up to maximum. Brim her up. As fuel serves as a coolant to the high pressure pump, a low level of fuel will heat up more quickly then an almost full tank. I wouldn't go below 1/3 of the tank for longer periods at those temperatures. A low volume of fuel will heat up quickly, vaporize (and be returned to the hot tank heating it even more) and cause unnecessary wear of our precious high pressure fuel pump. Unfortunately our RCZ does not have fuel cooler on board. So it is up to us to give her a helping hand.

2. Do not inflate your tyres to the maximum. The heat will add to it, blowing the tyre to pressures which are just unnecessary and even bad for the tyre. Keep in mind, a hot summer like this adds easily about 6-8 PSI to the cold pressure while rolling.

3. Try to hide the cockpit from sun rays as much as you can. This will save the semi-leather dashboard from destructive UV rays. I have never heard about a cracked dashboard in a Peugeot, but it's better not to...

4. Do not push the turbo to the limit. It is already hot in there with normal ambient temperatures around. With almost 40°C outside, give that small but crucial item a break.
When hot I tend to drive with higher rpms + low load. A low load does not cause the turbo to heat up that quickly and the higher revs help oil+coolant to circulate much faster through the engine.
Use downhills to roll in gear to pump air through the engine as well.

That's all what jumps into my mind right now. Please feel free to complete this list :greetings-wavingblue:
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With the aircon on, you can keep an ice lolly in the glovebox.

Just sayin..... :eusa-whistle:
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DKZ5745 wrote:
With the aircon on, you can keep an ice lolly in the glovebox.

Just sayin..... :eusa-whistle:

How close is the car to the freezer?
6pm today East side of house under porch in shade horticultural thermometer - 43C.
You might have to sprint or you'll be putting a stick in the glovebox! :twisted:

Just sayin..... :eusa-whistle:
:lol: :beer:
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Never ever switch off engine after just thrashing rcz even more so if the fan is running..

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