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erosion on top windshield seal

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Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:01 am
greek Newbie

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Hello everyone,
i Havent introduced myself as im not yet an owner (hopefully this is gonna change within a matter of days)

I'm checking out some 2nd hand models (TCP200, 2011 model, GT, matte carbon roof*) and i notices something that worried me but it might be typical wear and tear.
the car is generally in very good condition, but under the glass on the top part of the windshield it looks like the sealant has serated pattern of errosion starting from the top, end moving towards the glass for about 2-3mm.

is that typical? does it mean that perhaps the windshield was replaced with sub-par materials? does the RCZ share the same windshield as some other peugeots (ie, if push comes to shove, will i be able to get a replacement easily/cheaply?)

unfortunately no fotos yet as i havent bought the car. but will post if everything goes smoothly!

*also, the carbon roof in matte version looks very dull, i know its matte, but it just looks like very poor, do we know if there is a trick to either make it glossy, or renew it into a more... lively matte?

Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:05 am
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Welcome mate. Mine has the same at the top of the windscreen. Not sure if it's common, but no probs thus far.

Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:38 am
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Hi and welcome no problems with corrosion above windscreen as far as I know. :eusa-think: as for the matte carbon roof firstly is it genuine carbon fibre? Make sure it hasn't been wrapped with a vinyl. Peugeot did do two upgrade options for carbon roofs one is gloss the other matte I have the gloss version and have seen a matte one and I do prefer the gloss ;)
Anyhow at £1300 as an upgrade I wouldn't want to replace it. If it is a genuine carbon roof you may be able to get a spray shop to give it a coat of clear gloss coat :eusa-think: or if it's really bugging you have it wrapped in a style of your choice.
Good luck on your purchase give the forum a look through regarding what to look out for when buying your RCZ. :thumbup:
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Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:00 pm
greek Newbie

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hey there. thanks for the lightning fast (or should i say RCZ fast) reply guys.
i think its a manageable issue from what silverGTi said.

regarding the matte roof, its a genuine roof, it just doesn't look good. i will just take it to a detailer if i buy it and make the most of it.

Thanks! fingers crossed i have a second viewing with the car today :)

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