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Warning light .battery fault or electrical failure

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Yvonne Newbie

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A week ago ,a warning light came on and a loud beep . It said "stop", battery fault or electrical failure.
It stayed on for a few seconds and came on about 3 or 4 times .I took it to the Peugeot dealer the next morning .They ran a diagnostic on it and said there was nothing wrong with it and no fault had been registered .They said it was perfectly safe to drive and charged me £85 .
It happened again tonight .I don't know what to do as it seems pointless to take it back in to Peugeot .I drive about 600 miles a week and this is really stressful .
I bought the car in January .Its an automatic 2010 and has done 32000 miles .
Any advice is welcome

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might need a new battery or it might be an issue with the alternator? a diagnostic scan won't tell you much about the condition of the battery. £85 was a fierce price to pay for that!! Hope you get it sorted. in any case keep an eye on it and if persists bring it back and demand a closer inspection.
welcome to the forum by the way :happy-wavemulticolor:
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I would take it back. It might show an error code this time. Sometimes they don't always. Insist they keep the car a few days to see if it replicates the error again and ask for a courtesy car whilst they have yours.
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Hi' Yvonne :greetings-wavingblue:

...Firstly welcome to the Forum and Secondly I would re-iterate that which RCZ1 has said, ,,Do Not in anyway feel that you shouldn't go back ,,in the same way the dealer didn't feel that they shouldn't charge you a steep £85 when they couldn't find anything wrong!! Hopefully if it was the battery they would have identified it.

You don't want the stress over you weekly journeys' like you have stated and i'm sure like all of us you didn't buy your beautiful Z' to feel stress, so take RCZ1's lead and you will immediately feel a lot better for it ! :thumbup:

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Yvonne Newbie

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Thanks for all the replies .unfortunately I was on business in Scotland 350 miles away when I took it to the dealer.
It hasn't happened since I posted this .the only factor on each occasions was that I drove in torrential downpours for a period of 2 hours ?
Ps I love my rcz .black with beige leather seats and full sat nav absolutely gorgeous .this has been a real downer !

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Electric problems have been reported as a result of water entering through the boot lid.
If problems persist, have your dealer check that.
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