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It’s a reverse destruction derby with players getting behind the wheel of their favourite rides and trying to avoid being demolished for as long as possible.

The arena starts off pretty sparsely populated but as the game progresses, the traffic gets heavier and the carnage becomes more intense.
Players have the chance to drive multiple machines including a retro classic Beetle, a super tough Land Rover and a top of the range Aston Martin. Not only can they select their ride, players also have the chance to pimp it out with some pretty awesome paintwork.

The game has some nice bonuses too; players can freeze their opponents, become invisible and take advantage of a nitrous boost which all help to run up the clock.

Objective - win money off their car insurance and the longer they last, the more money they get off their premium!

All players can also win £1000 in cash in a prize draw!

We have also just set up a facebook page: ... 574?ref=ts

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